VDWF presents itself

The Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF) eV was launched in 1992 by committed, pioneering companies in the industry.

The reason for forming this association was the conviction that a growing number of tasks are better handled together, rather than by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises alone. Plus you have more fun together.

The main focus of VDWF is the strength of German tool and mold making. Small and medium-sized enterprises have received the most active support since the founding of the association in 1992, and have been strengthened for joint future tasks. VDWF does so by consolidating and representing the many interests of its member companies.


Brochure «VDWF presents itself»


Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Seul
Professor at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences


Vice President

Anton Schweiger
Managing Director of Schweiger


Board member Training

Markus Bay
Managing Director of Formenbau Rapp


Board member Finance

Barbara Ellinger-Walter
Business Coach



Ralf Dürrwächter
VDWF branch office in Schwendi

+49 (0)7353 98860 15

Team leader

Sabrina Wagner
VDWF branch office in Schwendi

+49 (0)7353 98860 10

Team assistant

Andrea Bertele
VDWF branch office in Schwendi

+49 (0)7353 98860 11

Team assistant

Melanie Hofmann
VDWF branch office in Schwendi

+49 (0)7353 98860 12

Team assistant

Charlotte Steinhorst
VDWF branch office in Schwendi

+49 (0)7353 98860 13

Team Lüdenscheid

Elke Dormann
VDWF branch office KIMW in Lüdenscheid

+49 (0)2351 1064 119

Team Lüdenscheid

Stefan Hins
VDWF branch office KIMW in Lüdenscheid

+49 (0)2351 1064 176


Dirk Falke
Managing Director of Ingenieurbüro Falke



Stefan Kind
Managing Director of Kind-tec


Head of VDWF work group «marketing director meeting»

Arno Gozzi
Head of marketing at Meusburger


Head of VDWF work group "Contract law"

Dr. Claus Hornig
Head of Corporate Consulting Claho


Head of VDWF work group "4.0 in toolmaking"

Jens Lüdtke
Head of Corporate Consulting of Tebis


Head of VDWF work group «master meeting»

Marco Messmer
Head of mold construction at Stolz&Seng


Head of VDWF work group «QM»

Markus Schiele
Quality management auditor at Krieger Modellbau


Head of VDWF work group "stamper meeting"

Gerald Schug
Managing Director Huissel


Association Objectives

With our association work, we have four overriding goals:

  • Visibility of German tool and mold making
    • In the world and in Europe
    • In Germany and the regions
    • In the public eye as well as for junior staff
  • Initial Training and continuing education in the industry
    • Outside-the-job trainee programs
    • Practical courses
    • Seminars, working groups & delegation trips
  • Maintenance and expansion of the technological leadership
    • Exchange of experience
    • Research projects
    • Technology transfer
  • Meeting space and culture of VDWF
    • Nationwide presence
    • Wide range of appointments & meetings
    • The way we communicate




Network & Exchange of Ideas

It is often difficult to be alone - and why should you pay for every experience yourself? Good friends like to help - a good network only harms those who don't!

Seminars and Conferences

Participants regularly confirm the practical relevance of our seminars and symposia. We don’t know it all, but the practical application is the salt in our soup.

Trade Fair Presence of VDWF

The industry appreciates our modern joint stand in the heart of the exhibition halls as a "living room for toolmaking". Do you?

Legal Aid

As a member of our association, we would be happy to assist you with a free initial consultation.

Delegation and Study Trips

To be able to join the conversation, to see for yourself, to learn. On location as well as a member of the travel group. When do you check in?

Trainee Initiative

Two times 10 days of inter-company trainee training at VDWF. This creates knowledge, makes fun and motivates for the future!

Extra-occupational programs

If you want to get ahead, you don't have to quit the job. Combine further training and your job.

VDWF Magazine

Our colourful mouthpiece for the industry reports not only about the VDWF but about everything that really moves the industry.

Participation is worth it! Any Questions?

Do you have questions?

Ralf Dürrwächter
+49 (0)7353 988 60 15
Write an e-mail / to the contact form

Carefully Calculated

Our member fees are calculated individually and comprehensibly.
What’s decisive is the number of employees..

Membership starting as low as 500 Euros per year.
Maximum amount is 2500 Euros

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