VDWF-Guideline 2011-1:
Guide to CE marking of injection moulding and die-casting tools

The VDWF wants to support members interested in obtaining the CE marking. The association’s aim is to make the certification process for tool and mold makers simple, clear, and practical. For this purpose, a “road map” with complete documentation was drawn up in 2010. In order to standardize signposting, the association has formulated the VDWF-CE guidelines. The guidelines form the basis for a layout and standardized approach for obtaining the CE marking in tool and mold making.

The CE marking refers to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, which was enforced at the end of 2009. It regulates the Europe-wide compliance with safety and health protection requirements. Injection molds and die-casting molds are subject to the Machinery Directive because they are interchangeable equipment.

The CE guidelines can be obtained from the VDWF office for 79.90 euros plus shipping, or from bookstores: ISBN 978-3-00-037452-4.

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