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The Polyman is a handy piece of two component plastic created with half plastic-compatible components, and half non-plastic-compatible components. It combines both the good and the bad of injection molding processes and makes them recognizable at a glance.

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Cooperation Within the Industry – an example par excellence!

The Polyman project is the product of exemplary collaboration between technology partners and sponsors. The idea and conception came from Professor Steffen Ritter of the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences. The VDWF kick-started and coordinated the project. In the end, the Polyman team worked in concert: while the Georg Meusburger company from Wolfurt, Austria, supplied the standard polyethylene, Borealis and Granula took care of the polyethylene (the masterbatch), engineer Dirk Falke from Sukow created the design, Formotion from Wilnsdorf built the tool, and KraussMaffei from Munich supplied the injection molding machine to be used for the Plyman’s production at the Moulding Expo. There, Messe Stuttgart will be providing its marketing channels for the project. In addition, the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences agreed to continue producing the Polyman after the Moulding Expo so that this exceptional injection molding pattern remains available.

It’s Good to See the Bad Side

Professor Steffen Ritter and his engineering student Patrick Wiest have been working on the development of the Polyman for over 1,000 hours. «For years, I’ve been looking for a part that makes visible the construction of the the injection-molded component – especially through a direct comparison of good and bad,» says Ritter.  

The Polyman was the perfect realization of his ideas. The two component polyethylene application consists of a good side in blue and a bad side in orange. With a single practiced look, you can see well planned tool design and how to optimize the quality of the components to be produced while also saving time and money.

The bad side shows missing bevels, uneven wall thicknesses, warping, and pockmarks. The good side, on the other hand, shows the difference when done right. Using 23% less material than the bad side, the good side shows how it’s possible to save on material costs. If the Polyman were produced without the bad side, the tool costs would decrease by 30%.

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The Polyman project was implemented jointly by the following partners:


The Polyman including the Z-Card can be ordered from VDWF at the prices below:



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For one piece we will charge a shipping fee of 5,00€, two pieces and more will be 10,00€. For international dispatch shipping costs will be doubled.

When ordering, please indicate if you want the Z-Card to be in German or in English.

Polyman-VR – learning tool for trade fairs and company events

The Polyman is a handy piece of two component plastic created with half plastic- compatible components, and half non-plastic compatible components. It combines both the good and the bad of injection molding processes and makes them recognizable at a glance.

For an in-depth application, the Polyman project can also be admired via virtual reality. Using 3D glasses, you can get into the virtual reality of this teaching component: the transparent, animated tool allows the viewer to immerse themselves in both the injection molding process and the cavity and therefore experience the dos and don'ts of the component-specific and plastic-compatible tool construction up close.

Polyman can be booked as a virtual application including hardware through the VDWF office for events such as training fairs or company events.

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