VDWF-WBA Applied Tool Making Forum

At the Tool Making Forum, the VDWF and the WBA Tooling Academy Aachen launched a joint industry event in 2019 with the aim of providing tool makers with groundbreaking inspiration on a wide variety of topics. The plan includes well-founded and practical lectures as well as in-depth company visits. Events such as relaxed get-togethers the night, or accompanying specialist exhibitions, round out the program. The practice forums are organized annually by the WBA and the VDWF.

This series of events premiered with a celebration in September 2019 when around 100 participants came together in Zwickau. The theme was "Digital networking and Globalization as Tool Making Success Factors". They were greeted with a comprehensive program: well-founded, practical lectures, an in-depth tour of the Siebenwurst Tool Making company, and an industrial exhibition set up in the foyer of the conference hotel. The second “Applied Tool Making Forum” will take place on September 29, 2020 in Schmalkalden.

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