VDWF-Guideline 2020-1:
Color table for CAD-supported transmission of tolerances


In the tool making industry, a common way of streamlining the processes of unique production is the creation and application of color tables: The surfaces of the CAD models are colored according to the production precision required in the design. Numerous tool makers - VDWF members and non-members - have either created their own color tables in recent years or are planning to do so in the future. As a result, many different systems are in use today. These different systems have varying levels of detail, different color assignments for manufacturing steps, and different tolerance requirements.

The VDWF has initiated its own working group and, in close cooperation with professionals and experts from the tool and mold making industry, has developed a standard guideline for CAD-supported transmission of tolerances in tool and mold making using color coding.

The VDWF color tables can be obtained from the association office. ISBN: 978-3-00-065278-3

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